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Archive Spring 2008

Meeting: Thursday April 25th, 2008
Issues: Final meeting of the semester. Ryan's Final Meeting! A party was held for Ryan's final meeting and he gave his final speech as president. Summer meetings are TBA (To Be Announced), check the website for further announcements. As it was Ryan's final meeting he was allowed to choose the anime. He chose to show Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 4 & Vampire Knight. Have a great summer!
Show: Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 4 & Vampire Knight
Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 4 Vampire Knight
Overview Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 4 (Official Description): Sir Integra reluctantly invites Maxwell from the Vatican's Iscariot Division to a Roundtable conference with the Queen. Integra desperately needs to collect any information regarding the Millennium, the remnants of a secret Nazi battalion made entirely of "undead" monsters.Suddenly, the Millennium's leader, the Major, audaciously interrupts the conference to declare war against Britain and the Hellsing Organization. Amidst the panicking Roundtable members, Arucard seems amused by the reunion with the Major, whom he thought he had destroyed more than half a century ago. A war of Nightmares is about to be unleashed into the unsuspecting London night.
Links: Wikipedia Hellsing Ultimate
Overview Vampire Knight (Official Description): Yuki Cross is a first-year general education student at Cross Academy. As a member of the Disciplinary Committee, along with her childhood friend Zero Kiryu, her duty is to keep the infatuated Day Class students from chasing the beautiful Night Class students, all while performing the important task of protecting the secret of the Night Class. The secret…that all members of the Night Class are vampires!! The creation of the Night Class was an effort formed to end the long history of conflict by promoting a peaceful coexistence between human beings and vampires. As Guardians, Yuki and Zero are given the vital role of protecting the coexistence of the Day Class and the Night Class. Unlike Zero, who sees the vampires as enemies, Yuki believes vampires and humans can coexist.
Links: Wikipedia Vampire Knight

Meeting: Monday April 21st, 2008
Issues: Only one meeting left this semester! Congratulations to the new officers for 2008-2009!
Show: Spring Preview - Soul Eater, Code Geass R2, Kamen no Maid Guy
Soul Eater Code Geass R2
Kamen no Maid Guy
Overview Soul Eater (Official Description): Maka is a Meister and Soul is her Weapon. As students at the Grim Reaper’s Death Weapon Meister Academy, their study habits couldn’t be more different. But in battle against the supernatural forces of evil, they’re a freakin’ lethal team. That’s when Soul transforms, literally, into a razor-sharp scythe, and every defeated wicked soul he sucks down makes him more deadly. That’s when Maka unleashes the merciless slayer within, wielding her partner and dropping monsters. Seriously. Monsters. Like the witches, werewolves, and zombies that lurk in the shadows and feed on the souls of the innocent. Every freakish ghoul Maka and Soul take out strengthens their bond, and fighting alongside their fellow Meister/Weapon classmates, Maka and Soul are the world’s last line of defense against evil.
Links: Wikipedia Soul Eater
Overview Code Geass R2 (Official Description): On August 10th of the year 2010 the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, its sights set on Japan. In the span of one month the island nation was conquered. As a dominion of the Empire the newly acquired territory was renamed Area 11. The rights of its citizens were severely limited and an economic depression followed for the Japanese, now known as Elevens. Just as things seemed at their bleakest one man chose to stand up and fight, the masked crusader Zero. Leading his Order of Black Knights, Zero instigated a full scale revolution against Britannia culminating in one final battle, the Black Rebellion. Heavy casualties were seen by both sides but ultimately Britannia stood the victor resulting in Zero’s execution. And thus was history written. The year is now 2018. With Zero dead and the remnants of the Black Knights being swept up by the Britannian forces, a forced state of peace settles over Area 11. The rights of the Elevens remain limited but with no one to lead them and the defeat during the Black Rebellion hanging over them, the Japanese people remain under the boot of Britannian oppression with no hope to overcome.
Links: Wikipedia Code Geass R2
Overview Kamen no Maid Guy Kamen no Maid Guy (Description from Wikipedia): Fujiwara Naeka is the granddaughter of a billionaire and the heir to his fortune. She is pursued by those who desire her inheritance. In order to protect her from harm and ensure her proper upbringing, the amazing and fearsome Kogarashi, the masked Maid Guy is summoned.
Links: Wikipedia Kamen no Maid Guy

Meeting: Thursday April 17th, 2008
Issues: ELECTION FOR CLUB OFFICERS IS MONDAY! Only two meetings left this semester.
Show: Here is Greenwood
Refer to Monday April 14th, 2008 for Anime overview.

Meeting: Monday April 14th, 2008
Issues: Election for club officers will be on April 21st and the last meeting of the semester will be on April 25th.
Show: Here is Greenwood
Here is Greenwood
Overview Here is Greenwood (Official Description): Kazuya Hasukawa's belongs to only one woman, but the day she moved in was the worst day of his life. Why? Because she is moving in to be his brother's wife. Distraught and desperate to escape his heartache, Kazuya leaves home and puts his fate in the fickle hands of dormitory life. He finds himself exiled to Greenwood, a housing facility for outcasts. Will Kazuya retain his sanity, or will Greenwood live up to its reputation as an asylum?
Links: Wikipedia Here is Greenwood

Meeting: Thursday April 10th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Spiral
Overview Spiral (Official Description): The wheel of fate turned when Kiyotaka Narumi vanished. On that night Kiyotaka's younger brother Ayumu was forever changed. Ayumu found himself thrust into the baffling mystery of the Blade Children. Who are they? What have they done to deserve their fate? Why do they believe Ayumu the key to their salvation? Only one thing is certain: The Blade Children will stop at nothing to complete their destiny. And only Ayumu stands in their way.
Links: Wikipedia Spiral

Meeting: Monday April 7th, 2008
Issues: Thanks for all those who attended the film fest!
Show: Read or Die OVA
Read or Die OVA
Overview Read or Die OVA (Official Description): Ms.Yomiko Readman, a Library Special Operations officer known as Agent Paper, is on the trail of one of the most nefarious criminals she has ever faced. Determined to locate a long lost Beethoven manuscript, this unknown criminal has cloned some of history's most extraordinary people to help him find the manuscript. Now, Readman must not only contend with a ruthless criminal, but also Tokugawa-era scientist Gennai Hiraga, aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal and 19th century entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre as she tries to stop a plot that could potentially destroy the Earth.
Links: Wikipedia Read or Die OVA

Meeting: Thursday April 3rd, 2008
Issues: The Film Fest is on Saturday, we hope to see you all there!
Show: Demonbane
Overview Demonbane (Description from Wikipedia): Kuro Daijuuji is a poor detective living in Arkham City. One day, he is asked by Ruri Hado of Hado Financial Group, to search for a magic grimoire. As Kuro searches for the book, he unexpectedly runs into Al Azif, a pretty girl who turns out to be the grimoire Kuro is searching for. While being chased by the Black Lodge, Al forges a contract with Kuro, bestowing him with powerful magic. Soon afterwards, Al also activates Demonbane, a Deus Machina owned by the Hado Financial Group, to combat the mechanical menace from the Black Lodge. With this, the war between the Hado Financial Group and the Black Lodge begins....
Links: Wikipedia Demonbane

Meeting: Monday March 31st, 2008
Issues: Discussed Film Fest.
Show: Girls Bravo
Girls Bravo
Overview Girls Bravo (Official Description): A high school boy Yukinari has been bullied and abused by girls all his life and has developed gynophobia--a fear of women. In fact, just being around them makes him break out in hives! One day, he is transferred to a world that only females inhabit. There he meets a beautiful and mysterious girl named Miharu who inexplicably doesn't affect him. He somehow manages to return to his own world, accompanied by Miharu, but shortly after, other girls follow them to his world and his life turns into a big mess!
Links: Official Site

Meeting: Thursday March 27th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Vandread
Overview Vandread (Official Description): VANDREAD finds the all male planet of Taraak in the midst of their perpetual battle with the female inhabitants of Mejale. Hibiki, a young male stowaway on a Taraak ship finds himself in the midst of a great adventure when a group of females hijack the ship and accidentally send themselves and their prisoners to a far corner of the galaxy. Soon, they encounter an enemy far greater than themselves that forces both the men and women to put aside their differences and work together.
Links: Wikipedia Vandread

Meeting: Monday March 24th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Persona -Trinity Soul-
Persona -trinity soul-
Overview Persona -Trinity Soul- (Official Description): The story is based in Ayanagi City, which faces the Sea of Japan. It's a futuristic city that survived the outbreak of "Mass Apathy Syndrome" ten years ago. Shin Kanzato (17) and his brother Jun (14) meet their eldest brother Ryo (28), who is a young Chief Officer at Ayanagi City's police station, for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, the city is facing a string of mysterious incidents. Ship crew members disappear from their underwater submarine. The Apathy Syndrome resurfaces, much like ten years ago. The Reverse case, a series of student murders, intensifies. Ryo investigates an organization involved in all of the above incidents. One of these incidents results in the awakening of Shin's Persona. The wheel of fate begins to turn for this family of brothers.
Links: Wikipedia Persona -Trinity Soul-

Meeting: Thursday March 20th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Aquarion
Overview Aquarion (Official Description): When the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber, humanity is held captive by fear and sheer alien dominance. Eleven years after the Great Catastrophe decimated the world, most of those left alive are scavengers, dirty and starving in the streets. There is hope, however - Mechanical Angel Aquarion!  Powered by three souls intertwined, a rare breed of pilot takes the controls. Known as Elements, one among them must rise if mankind is to survive. Prophecy is being fulfilled as the end of the world approaches… Through a swirling cloud of love, betrayal, loss and destiny, the last hope for the new century arrives and takes flight!
Links: Official Site

Meeting: Monday March 18th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Attack the Gas Station
Attack the Gas Station
Overview Attack the Gas Station (Official Description): A quartet of disaffected Korean youths have robbed a Seoul gas station. Later, while hanging out in a Chinese noodle shop, they decide to rob the same gas station. After taking the gas station over, their wacky antics ensue; forcing the manager to sing, kidnapping customers that complain about the service, and staging fist-fights between street gang members and gas station employees; all of these reflect their own gripes against society.
Links: Wikipedia Attack the Gas Station

No meetings on March 10th & March 13th due to Spring Break. Meetings resume on March 17th.

Meeting: Thursday March 7th, 2008
Issues: There will be NO MEETINGS on March 10th & March 13th due to Spring Break. Meetings resume on March 17th. HAVE A GREAT SPRING BREAK!
Show: Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
Overview Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (Official Description): To Souske Sagara, undercover high school student and member of the mercenary group Mithril, life in Tokyo seemed the same as always. But underneath the promising exterior spin the wheels of a conspiracy that threaten to destroy the peace. Unrelated at first glance, a series of tactical assigments draws Mithril's Special Reponse Team into a tangled web, with the spider wearing a haunting face from the past! With inside help and technology to rival their own, this adversary is after the Arbalest no matter the cost.
Links: Official Site

Meeting: Monday March 3rd, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Death Note: The Last Name (live-action)
Death Note: The Last Name
Overview Death Note (live-action) (Official Description): Shinigami own notebooks called "Death Notes" which are used as killing devices. Whoever's name they write down in a death note will die within 40 seconds. Shinigami Ryuku accidentally dropped his Death Note in the human world where it's found by honor high school student Raito. With the death note actually having directions in it for its use, Raito discovers he now has the power to discreetly kill people, and with this new power he plans to change the world in his ideal world by killing off criminals. Eventually the governments of the countries around the world notice the unusual amounts of deaths of their criminals, and figure out someone is behind them, but they have no way of discovering it themselves. That's when they hire L, a master detective, to find out who is behind the murders.
Links: Official Site

Meeting: Thursday February 28th, 2008
Issues: Discussed Film Fest.
Show: Rosario + Vampire
Refer to Monday February 18th, 2008 for Anime overview.

Meeting: Monday February 25th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Code Geass
Code Geass
Overview Code Geass (Official Description): On August 10th of the year 2010 the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, its sights set on Japan. Operations were completed in one month thanks to Britannia’s deployment of new mobile humanoid armor vehicles dubbed Knightmare Frames. Japan’s rights and identity were stripped away, the once proud nation now referred to as Area 11. Its citizens, Elevens, are forced to scratch out a living while the Britannian aristocracy lives comfortably within their settlements. Pockets of resistance appear throughout Area 11, working towards independence for Japan. Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of Britannia posing as a student, finds himself in the heart of the ongoing conflict for the island nation. Through a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C.C., Lelouch gains his Geass, the power of the king. Now endowed with absolute dominance over any person, Lelouch may finally realize his goal of bringing down Britannia from within!
Links: Wikipedia Code Geass

Meeting: Thursday February 21st, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Shana
Refer to Thursday February 14th, 2008 for Anime overview.

Meeting: Monday February 18th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Rosario + Vampire
Rosario + Vampire
Overview Rosario + Vampire (Official Description): Tsukune’s terrible grades stick him in the only school that will take him. To his mortification, all his classmates are monsters and if they figure out his human status, he’s fresh meat! But when his scent attracts the hungry lips of a gorgeous vampire named Moka, it turns out he’s a sucker for supernatural chicks. Before long, Tsukune is being seduced by a bouncy succubus, tormented by a witch who swings both ways, and felt-up by a stalker snow fairy. Moka doesn’t mind sharing with her new friends, but her panties get in a twist when real danger threatens her boy-toy. Beastly bullies beware, because when Tsukune unlocks Moka’s supermonster seal, a ravaging beauty with a dropkick from hell is revealed!
Links: Wikipedia Rosario + Vampire

Meeting: Thursday February 14th, 2008
Issues: Happy Valentines Day!
Show: Shana
Overview Shana (Official Description): Yuji Sakai is about to learn that there is more to the world than going to school and finding a girlfriend when he meets a sword-wielding girl with fiery red eyes and flame colored hair. Denizens of the Crimson Realm are invading our world and its up to the Flame Haze, Shana to slay them. However, when Yuji gets in the way of her sword, he learns that death is much more different than he imagined it would be. Experience their story as Yuji and Shana work together to defeat the Denizens of the Crimson World and learn more about each other and the worlds they are from.
Links: Wikipedia Shana

Meeting: Monday February 11th, 2008
Issues: Discussed Film Fest.
Show: Wandaba Style
Wandaba Style
Overview Wandaba Style (Official Description): Destiny takes an unpredictable turn when Mix Juice, the unknown girl group, teams up with Dr. Susumo Tsukumo, a genius scientist, to become the first band on the moon. Will they be the hottest thing on the charts? Or, will they freeze to death in space?
Links: Wikipedia Wandaba Style

Meeting: Thursday February 7th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: D-War: Dragon Wars
D-War: Dragon Wars
Overview D-War: Dragon Wars (Official Description): Meet Buraki, the vicious, 200-meter long Imoogi serpent from ancient Korea. His army includes giant lizards with missile launchers, flying dragons, soldiers bred for evil and mega-intelligent dinosaurs. Together, they will destroy Los Angeles and possibly the world unless reincarnated warriors Ethan and Sarah can outrun them and resurrect the Good Imoogi, Buraki's ancient nemesis.
Links: Wikipedia D-War: Dragon Wars

Meeting: Monday February 4th, 2008
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Show: Appleseed
Overview Appleseed (Official Description): Earth's last city, Olympus, rose from the ashes of a global war on the backs of Bioroids, artificial clones who make up half the city's population. Under the strict guidance of a supercomputer, humanity's last survivors enjoy an idyllic peace, but only on the surface Human terrorists within the military seek a return to power and clash with the government's ESWAT forces lead by the legendary soldier, Deunan Knute, and her boyfriend who is 75% machine. Retrieving the Appleseed will end the conflict, and Deunan alone holds its secret.
Links: Wikipedia Appleseed

Meeting: Thursday January 31st, 2008
Issues: Happy Birthday to Will and thanks to his mother for the Pizza!
Show: Koi Kaze
Koi Kaze
Overview Koi Kaze (Official Description): Koshiro and Nanoka are brother and sister separated since Nanoko was a baby. When the time comes for her to enter high school, it is decided that the two will live together. This is easier said than done. The two had already been on a date! Although they will try to have a platonic relationship, it becomes increasingly tense. Will the two hold off, or will the temptation prove too difficult?
Links: Wikipedia Koi Kaze

Meeting: Monday January 28th, 2008
Issues: Discussed Setsucon.
Show: Gantz
Overview Gantz (Official Description): SURREAL HORROR. In a digital realm between life and the hereafter, there lies an empty room, a black sphere, and the trapped souls of the unfortunate. Here, the only meaning left is in the brutal game. Welcome to GANTZ, the next level of action, horror, and science fiction. Inspired from nightmares, Gantz brings forth a shocking vision produced in precise 2D/3D animation to showcase a slick and bizarre tale.
Links: Official Site

Meeting: Thursday January 24th, 2008
Issues: Discussed Setsucon.
Show: Tokko
Overview Tokko (Official Description): Shindou Ranmaru has just graduated from police academy and assigned to Tokki: Special Mobile Investigation Force. On the day of his graduation, he meets the half-naked girl he has been seeing in his dreams, Rokujo Sakura. It turns out she works for a secret group within Tokki, known as Tokko: Special Public Safety Task Force. Shindou ends up joining Tokko to avenge his parents' death, and solve the mystery mass murder of residents in his hometown of Machida. Bottomless pits start to appear around Japan, and mysterious creatures emerge from them, linked to the mass murder of humans.
Links: Wikipedia Tokko

No Meeting on Monday January 21st due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Meetings resume on Thursday the 24th.

Meeting: Thursday January 17th, 2008
Issues: Discussed Setsucon.
Show: Mezzo DSA
Mezzo DSA
Overview Mezzo DSA (Official Description): Her name is Mikura, and she's all about service with a smile. So what if that service is cracking skulls and the smile happens to be on the other end of a loaded gun? Get ready for this chic with a killer body and vicious skills to wreak havoc and mayhem all in the name of the Danger Service Agency!
Links: Wikipedia Mezzo DSA

Meeting: Monday January 14th, 2008
Issues: Discussed film fest and Setsucon.
Show: Hare + Guu
Hare + Guu
Overview Hare + Guu (Official Description): Welcome to the jungle the peaceful home of fun-loving ten year old Hare. That is until Guu moves in. She may look like an innocent orphan girl to everyone else but only Hare knows that Guu is really a pan-dimensional mind-reading magic-using monster with a sarcastic wit and an unlimited appetite!
Links: Wikipedia Hare + Guu

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