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Archive Spring 2006

Meeting: Monday May 1st, 2006
Issues: Final meeting, various stats and information discussed. Summer meetings will occur, they will start Tuesday May 30th and occur every Monday after that unless otherwise noted. Have a great summer! Anime sampler occurred; we watched one episode of four different series.
Anime: Yakitate!! Japan, Azumanga Daioh, Desert Punk, Tenchi Muyo OVA
Yakitate!! Japan Azumanga Daioh
Desert Punk Tenchi Muyo OVA
Overview Yakitate!! Japan (Official Description): The stakes are high and the competition is fierce, but Kazuma won't let anything prevent him from achieving his nation-changing, freshly baked goal. Relocating to Tokyo, Kazuma seeks to further his studies at Pantasia, a famous bakery chain. But will he rise to the challenge and pass the entrance examination, or will his best intentions fall flat?
Overview Azumanga Daioh (Official Description): In Miss Yukari's English class, every day is an adventure. First off, there's the teacher herself. A bit of an air-head, she may have graduated from high school, but she sure hasn't left. And with the arrival of not one, but two transfer students - one ten-year-old prodigy and one space cadet - it's going to be an interesting year!
Overview Desert Punk (Official Description): Enter a decimated world deep within the desert, where a less-than-noble hero fights for less-than-noble causes and chases a voluptious love interest for less-than-decent reasons. A world where war is a way of life, sarcasm is mode of communication and the unexpected is always on the menue. With Desert Punk's strikingly realistic weaponry, darkly comical tone and gritty character design, this much anticipated series trailblazes a bold new direction in both story and style for traditional anime.
Overview Tenchi Muyo OVA (Official Description): Tenchi Masaki is a normal high school student in Japan, who spends the summers doing chores around his grandfather's family shrine. One day, Tenchi manages to steal the key to a mysterious cave where an oni (Japanese demon) is said to have been sealed away by his ancester Yoshou, whose sword still stands guard over it. When he enters this cave, he finds that, much to his surprise, the legend is indeed true when the oni's dessicated skeletal form ("mira"--Japanese mummy) comes to life and attacks him. Tenchi flees the cave in a panic, and later returns to high school, taking the hilt--seemingly all that remains of the ancestral sword--with him. At school, Tenchi is again attacked by the oni, whose name is Ryouko, who has now completely revived herself. Tenchi manages to defeat her with the sword's help, but this is only the beginning of a hilarious Japanese romantic comedy.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday April 20th, 2006
Issues: Only one meeting left this SEMESTER!
Anime: Saiyuki
Overview Saiyuki (Official Description): Once, demons and man lived together in harmony. But when a band of demonic forces sought to resurrect a diabolical monster, the demons decided mankind was no longer friend but food. Now, it's up to a renegade priest, a monkey king, a lecherous water sprite, and sympathetic demon to stop the resurrection and return harmony to the dangerous land.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday April 24th, 2006
Issues: Only two meetings left. Rules discussed, summer meetings.
Anime: My-Hime
Overview My-Hime (Official Description): Before coming to the Fuka Academy, all Mai Tokiha wanted was to live an ordinary high school life, but that's the last thing she's going to get. It turns out that Mai is a HiME, one of twelve girls with super-natural powers that are gathered at this school to fight the Orphans, demons that dwell around the school. A secret organization has other plans for the HiME than just demon-busting and Mai and the other HiME will have to risk something precious to protect the ones they love.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday April 20th, 2006
Issues: Only three meetings left.
Anime: House of Fury
House of Fury
Overview House of Fury (Official Description): Teddy Yu is a former secret agent turned chiropractor who thought he left his past behind. He teaches martial arts to his two kids. However, his past catches up to him as a rogue agent demands to know the whereabouts of an agent known as Dragon. Now, father and children must team up to stop the rogue agent and his goons.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday April 17th, 2006
Issues: Issues related to the fall semester, summer meetings, and Treasury discussed.
Anime: UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie
Overview UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (Official Description): When Princess Valkyrie, of the planet Valhalla, crashes her spaceship into earth teenager Kazuto Tokino, she saves his life by giving him half her soul. Of course, there are side effects, foremost being her ensuing transformation, from mighty princess warrior to mischievous either-year old, dependent on Kazuto for bed and board.
Links: N/A

No Meeting on Thursday April 13th due to Spring Weekend. Meeting resume on Monday the 17th.

Meeting: Monday April 10th, 2006
Issues: We will not have a meeting on Thursday the 14th, we will be having a meeting on Monday the 17th.
Anime: Gunsmith Cats
Gunsmith Cats
Overview Gunsmith Cats (Official Description): Join the pistol-packing Rally Vincent and her partner, grenade happy Minnie May Hopkins, as they infiltrate a gun running operation at the "suggestion" of the ATF. Burn up the highway in Rally's Shelby GT-500 as she chases a psychopathic Russian assassin who's kidnapped Minnie. And then watch the bullets fly in a duel to the death with a cache of illegal weapons as the prize.
Links N/A

Meeting: Thursday April 6th, 2006
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Anime: Battle Programmer SHIRASE
Battle Programmer SHIRASE
Overview Battle Programmer SHIRASE (Description from Wikipedia): The story of BPS revolves around a "freelance programmer" named Akira Shirase. He's a very talented, yet mysterious computer programmer. Because of his incredible abilities, he's contacted by several individuals (curiously, all of them are very similar persons named Akizuki Kaoru) to do all sorts of strange computer-related hacking/security jobs.
Links: Battle Programmer SHIRASE

Meeting: Monday April 3rd, 2006
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Anime: 3x3 Eyes
3x3 Eyes
Overview 3x3 Eyes (Official Description): Legends whisper about the ancient Sanijyan, poweful three-eyed demons that possessed the secret of immortality. Yet their fascination with humanity led to their slaughter by one of their strongest leaders, Lord Kaiyanwan. Today, humanity's blind arrogance has built a civilization that believes only in itself and we preserve our senses of security only by refusing to see the shadow-world lurking beneath the surface of our town... One man, Yakumo, will be forced to confront this hidden world and discover the curse of immortality. What he finds will force him to embrace the demon world to find not only its humanity, but also his own.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday March 30th, 2006
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Anime: Dai-Guard
Overview Dai-Guard (Official Description): Twelve years ago, the Earth was attacked by giant invaders. To defend our planet, the Earth's greatest minds and corporations assembled to design a giant robot of incredible power. Unfortunately, as with most government projects, the contract went to the lowest bidder. Fortunately, by the time the robot was ready, the mysterious invaders had already disappeared without a trace. The giant robot became first a curiosity, then a tourist attraction. But now the invaders are back and the only thing in their way is Dai-Guard and a young team of office workers who've been supplementing their regular incomes as part time pilots and tour guides. Can these reluctant heroes halt their alien foes while simultaneously concealing the defects in their giant robot?
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday March 27th, 2006
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Anime: Girls Bravo
Girls Bravo
Overview Girls Bravo (Official Description): A high school boy Yukinari has been bullied and abused by girls all his life and has developed gynophobia--a fear of women. In fact, just being around them makes him break out in hives! One day, he is transferred to a world that only females inhabit. There he meets a beautiful and mysterious girl named Miharu who inexplicably doesn't affect him. He somehow manages to return to his own world, accompanied by Miharu, but shortly after, other girls follow them to his world and his life turns into a big mess!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday March 23rd, 2006
Issues: Erika's last meeting before leaving for Germany. We had a party and she got to choose the anime. Ryan is now acting vice president until her return. Rachel has been added as a non-commissioned officer with full voting privileges.
Anime: Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl
Overview Gunslinger Girl (Official Description): The girls of the Social Welfare Agency are no ordinary children. They are the grisly remains of human wreckage pieced back together with cybernetic implants and trained to kill by the government. Once human, these shattered souls have become murderous machines with only vague recollections of what it meant to be real - and a brutal compulsion to be the last killer standing.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday March 20th, 2006
Issues: Officers Choice.
Anime: Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
Image from The-Triad
Overview Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan (Official Description): Imagine a world where the secret to immortality has been discovered, causing women to stop aging by the time they turn twelve. Sounds like it might be a perfect playground for a discoverer with less-than-wholesome interests, doesn't it? That's exactly why the Big Man Upstairs sends Dokuro-chan, one of his angelic assassins, into the past to "deal" with the sicko who messed with nature. But Dokuro-chan decides instead to move in with her target, Sakura Kusakabe, and keep him too occupied to find eternal life. Funnily enough, the path of nonviolence leads to a fountain of blood, as Dokuro-chan accidentally kills Sakura on an almost daily basis, only to resurrect him with a magical chant moments later.
Links: Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan

No Meetings on Monday March 13th or 16th, 2006 due to Spring Break.

Meeting: Thursday March 9th, 2006
Issues: Spring Break! No club next week. Post-Film fest meeting will be on March 20th.
Anime: Samurai 7
Samurai 7
Overview Samurai 7 (Official Description): Based on the legendary Akira Kurosawa classic epic feature film, Seven Samurai. A futuristic war-ravaged country on the brink of collapse. The once powerful samurai are coming to the end of their rule. Bandits roam the coutryside with savage intent. A powerless village hires 7 ronin, a samurai with no master, to defend their way of life. One group seeks protection, the other, seeks one last chance for victory in the battlefield.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday March 6th, 2006
Issues: Film fest was on Sunday. Thanks to all who came.
Anime: Shuffle
Overview Shuffle (Official Description): Ten years ago, the gateway to the Realm of the Gods and the Realm of the Demons was opened. Soon afterwards, the gods and the demons began migrating to our world. Now there are places where gods, demons and humans all study together…Such as our school, Verbena Academy. Meet Rin, a normal high school guy who is the envy of every other man in town. You see, he’s lucky enough to live with and be pampered by the sweet, beautiful Kaede. It’s just a day like any other when two new transfer students show up in class: Sia, Princess of the Gods and Nerine, Princess of the Demons. Now Rin’s luck is about to change, for he has been chosen to take one of their hands in marriage! Talk about envy! Whether down the hall, next door or from another realm, girls seem to be everywhere…And they all want Rin for themselves! Which girl would you choose?
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday March 2nd, 2006
Issues: Film fest is Sunday March 5th!
Anime: The Soultaker
The Soultaker
Overview The Soultaker (Official Description): Kyosuke's normal life shatters with the knife's sharp entry into his heart. Why did mom do it? As Kyosuke recovers, his body reveals a dangerous secret... a secret proving his past is a lie... Kysouke searches for Runa, the sister he never knew, and the truth about his ability to transform into the powerful SoulTaker! But, Kirhara Heavy Industries and mutants from the mysterious Hospital will prevent Kyosuke from learning anything with as much violence as possible!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday February 27th, 2006
Issues: Film fest planning continues.
Anime: Fist of the North Star: The Movie
Fist of the North Star: The Movie
Overview Fist of the North Star: The Movie (Description from Wikipedia): At the aftermath of a global-scale nuclear war, the majority of earth's surface has become deserted wasteland, with most of the world's survivors fighting over the few uncontaminated food and water supply. Kenshiro, the successor of the deadly martial art Hokuto Shinken, is traveling the world with his fiancee Yuria when they're confronted by Ken's former friend Shin of the Nanto Seiken. After defeating Ken in combat, Shin engraves the seven stab wounds on Ken's chest and leaves him for dead, taking Yuria with him. Ken's eldest brother Raoh, having witnessed the fight without intervening, returns to his dojo and challenges his Master Ryuken's decision to choose Ken as his successor over him. Refusing to give up the style, Raoh kills Ryuken and proclaims to become the ruler of the new world.
Links: Fist of the North Star: The Movie

Meeting: Thursday February 23rd, 2006
Issues: Film fest planning continues.
Anime: Tenjho Tenge
Tenjho Tenge
Overview Tenjho Tenge (Official Description): Souichiro and Bob want to rule their new school, but just as they begin cracking heads, their plan is shot to hell. First there are the Natsume sisters and their Juuken Club. If the older sister, Maya, isn't kicking their ass, then the younger sister, Aya, is trying to force feed Souichiro and make him her husband. Then there's the Student Executive Council that sends executioners to "educate" anyone who questions the council's authority! Their education is just beginning!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday February 20th, 2006
Issues: Pre film fest planning meeting, worked on getting anime lists, room configurations, equipment issues, and other final issues.
Anime: Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior
Overview Ong-Bak (Official Description): Booting lives in a small and peaceful village. One day a sacred Buddha statuette called Ong Bak is stolen from the village by a immoral businessman who sells it for exorbitant profits. It soon becomes the task of a young man, Boonting, to track the thief down to Bangkok voluntarily and reclaim the religious treasure. Along the way, Boonting uses his astonishing athleticism and traditional Muay Thai skills to combat his adversaries.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday February 16th, 2006
Issues: Film fest planning continues.
Anime: D.N. Angel
D.N. Angel
Overview D.N. Angel (Official Description): Niwa Daisuke is your average teenager, until his fourteenth birthday. He tries to declare his love to the girl of his dreams but fails. Suddenly, whenever he thinks about this girl, he turns into the legendary phantom thief known as Dark Mousy. Daisuke's mother, very much aware of this, makes him turn into Dark and steal valuable works of art for a purpose unknown to Daisuke. As the story unfolds, he learns why and about his classmate who seems to have the same ability.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday February 13th, 2006
Issues: Film fest planning continues.
Anime: Karin
Overview Karin (Official Description): Karin Maaka leads an ordinary life in spite of the fact that she is from a family of vampires. Unlike the rest of her family, she has no problem with bright lights, sleeps in a bed instead of a coffin, and loves to eat garlic. She is such an abnormal vampire that she doesn't even suck blood - she makes it! Everything begins to unravel when she gets uncontrollable urges every time she gets near her classmate, Kenta Usui. Will she hold back the urge to purge or give in to her need to bleed?!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday February 9th, 2006
Issues: Film fest planning continues, four tables now locked in for the event.
Anime: Gantz
Overview Gantz (Official Description): SURREAL HORROR. In a digital realm between life and the hereafter, there lies an empty room, a black sphere, and the trapped souls of the unfortunate. Here, the only meaning left is in the brutal game. Welcome to GANTZ, the next level of action, horror, and science fiction. Inspired from nightmares, Gantz brings forth a shocking vision produced in precise 2D/3D animation to showcase a slick and bizarre tale.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday February 6th, 2006
Issues: Film fest planning continues, member opinions asked, CGA issues.
Anime: Geneshaft
Overview Geneshaft (Official Description): In a final attempt to save the human race, a genetic engineering program was initiated in hopes of creating a new breed of human beings with special skills and abilities to benefit all of society. Successful, the Earth begins to enjoy a new era of peace... until the appearance of a mysterious artifact of unknown origin between the Earth and the moon. A group of enhanced humans have been selected to investigate the orbiting visitor. Armed with a prototype ship known only as "Shaft," this strike team may be the only thing between continued peace and the total destruction of the Earth!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday February 2nd, 2006.
Issues: Film fest planning continues, member opinions asked.
Anime: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Refer to Thursday January 23th, 2006 for Anime overview.

Meeting: Monday January 23rd, 2006.
Issues: Pre film fest planning meeting, member opinions asked.
Anime: Cutie Honey (live-action)
Cutie Honey (live-action)
Overview Cutie Honey (live-action) (Official Description): Who is this mysterious buxom beauty? She's an office worker, a motorcycle racer, a street musician, a police officer, and most of all, a warrior of love. Fitted with her father's invention, the I-System, she can transform herself into anyone she wants to be. The nefarious organization called Panther Claw is kidnapping girls across Japan and stealing all of the gold and the police are powerless to stop them. Now, their leader, Sister Jill, wants Honey's I-System neckband to revive her beauty and gain immortality. With the help of her friends, Natsuko, a hard-headed police officer, and Seiji, an easy-going reporter, Honey will prove that there's no greater power than love.
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thursday January 23th, 2006.
Issues: Discussed issues of the coming Film Fest, first planning meeting is Monday at 7PM. Lunch with the officers has restarted, they will be on Fridays at 12NOON in the Scranton Commons.
Anime: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Kyo Kara Maoh!
Overview Kyo Kara Maoh! (Official Description): Yuri Shibuya is an average baseball-loving high school student. One day, Yuri tries to save his former classmate from a group of hoodlums. Turning on him, they drag Yuri into the bathroom and push his face into the toilet. When they flush the toilet, he is transported to another world! Yuri is then taken to a castle and crowned King of the Demon World. Is he going to end up as the leader of the land, surrounded by his extraordinarily handsome lieges, or will he make it back home?
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday January 23rd, 2006.
Issues: First regular meeting of the semester. Discussed issues of the coming Film Fest, announced that Andrew has been named acting Treasurer due to Laura's vacating of the post.
Anime: Rune Soldier
Rune Soldier
Overview Rune Soldier (Official Description): Armed with Merrill's cunning, Genie's strength and Melissa's prayers, this all-female band has no trouble raiding ancient ruins - unless a magic seal blocks the way. As an investment, the girls decide to hire a magician. Any magician. Alas, all of the available magicians prefer reading to raiding-except Louie. Swallowing their pride (and several pints), the girls take on the loud, brash novice. In return, the hapless Louie gives them all the adventure they can handle - and then some!
Links: N/A

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