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Archive Spring 2005 (Not fully complete due to webpage creation)

Meeting: Monday April 25th, 2005.
Issues: Tims last meeting, we had a party for him, and he got to choose the anime. Tim also got thrown in the Janitors closet for fun. Summer meetings will be on Tuesdays and start May 10th, 7-10PM. (Later changed to June 7th due to room conflicts.)
Anime: Hare + Guu
Hare + Guu
Overview (Official Description): Welcome to the jungle the peaceful home of fun-loving ten year old Hare. That is until Guu moves in. She may look like an innocent orphan girl to everyone else but only Hare knows that Guu is really a pan-dimensional mind-reading magic-using monster with a sarcastic wit and an unlimited appetite!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thrusday April 21st, 2005.
Issues: Nothing of importance.
Anime: Maburaho
Overview (Official Description): High school student Kazuki Shikimori attends school at the elite Aoi Academy where students learn the intricacies of using their magical powers. Blessed with highly sought-after DNA, Kazuki is cursed. He can only use his powers eight times before he turns into dust. Enter three magical hotties Yuna, Kuriko and Yin. These lovely ladies join forces to help Kazuki increase his magical powers. But are they after his heart or his DNA?
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thrusday April 14th, 2005 and Monday April 18th, 2005.
Issues: Nothing of importance, Otakon registration date is still unknown.
Anime: Ranma 1/2 OAV
Ranma 1/2 OAV
Overview (Official Description): It's not easy being a teenage martial artist named Ranma Saotome, but it's even worse when your martial artist father Genma takes you from home at an early age to go on a decade-long training mission. He doesn't speak a word of Chinese, and yet he insists on bringing you to the cursed training ground known as JUSEKYO, where falling into one of many springs instantly turns you into whoever - or whatever - drowned there last. And then, the two of you have this accident? It seems that Ranma's life only gets more and more complicated as time goes by. Not only is he engaged to Akane Tendo, tomboy heir to the Tendo Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, but he's also saddled with a bevy of beautiful, far too persistent, girls who want Ranma all to themselves! You'd think he could solve his own problem by just picking the one girl he wants to be his fiance - but nothing is ever that simple?
Links: N/A

Meeting: Thrusday April 8th, 2005 and Monday April 10th, 2005.
Issues: Planning for next year, Otakon group registration money needed by members ASAP, free anime signups.
Anime: Hellsing
Overview (Official Description): The worst enemy of the night - is one of its own...A secret war brews in the night - a war where humanity is only a pawn. The Hellsing Organization deploys in the shadows to protect the mortal world. But now, artificially spawned vampires have appeared, forcing Hellsing to call in their ultimate weapon - the rogue vampire, Arucard! After he transforms the dying Seras Victoria into a vampire, they join forces to combat the undead army, as well as her own newfound hunger!
Links: N/A

Meeting: Monday April 4th, 2005
Issues: Officers discussed plans for next semester and community service.
Anime: Due to lack of members and anime the meeting was canceled.

Meeting: Monday March 21st, 2005 (No meetings Thrusday March 24th or Monday March 28 due to Easter/Spring Weekend) & Thrusday March 31st, 2005.
Issues: Website work continues and Otakon group registration has not yet opened yet.
Anime: Martian Successor Nadesico
Martian Successor Nadesico
Overview (Official Description): The Earth the Moon and our Martian Colonies are under alien attack and our space fleets are powerless to stop the invasion. Disgusted by the incompetence of the Terran military the independent arms manufacturer Nergal builds its own space battle cruiser and launches a new offensive in a desperate attempt to save the Earth. Unfortunately due to a shortage of trained military personnel the crew is a little unorthodox...With a reluctant assistant cook as a pilot a ditsy general's daughter in command and the largest contingent of geeks misfits and anime fans ever sent into orbit the poor enemy Jovians won't stand a chance!
Links: N/A