Better World Books has made me a customer

Better World Books has made me a customer

Postby esw01407 » Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:32 am

Normally I don't plug sites I buy things from on here, but I have to give Kudos to Better World Books.


I have been looking for the light novel Full Metal Panic! Volume 3: Into the Blue. This thing is hard to get used, and new isn't even an option. Cheapest price you can find for it ranges from 42 dollars to 72 dollars to 200 dollars. Site had two used, library copies, for less then $10. I figured, I got nothing to loose, and buy one. Site has many shipping options, I chose the free one. Not the fastest shipping to say the least, but was reasonably well packed, almost sealed like all the air was sucked out. As for the item, it was as advertised. ex-Library copy, from Houston, Good condition.

So, as I do my happy dance, I recommend keeping this site in mind if your looking for odd books that your having trouble finding. Might not be in perfection condition, but good buys can be found on rare items.
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